- Blocked drains, storm water, sewer and waste lines
- Burst pipes
- Leaking water mains
- Bathroom repairs and maintainence
- New bathrooms
- New kitchens
- New laundry
- New toilet
- Hot water cylinder repairs replacement
- Mobile home/caravan plumbing


This is a common problem with older houses especially if the drain pipes are old ceramic pipes.

These pipes are up to 1200mm long and the jointing methods often leave gaps where foreign materials can get hooked up on causing blockages.

Tree roots can work there way in through bad joins where they thrive upon the nutritious fertilizer in the drain.

We have removed tree root clusters up to 6 metres long.


There can be a number of reasons for pipes to burst but generally age is the biggest reason.

Pipes bursting from freezing tend to cause the most damage of all as the pipes in your ceiling are prone to this type of damage.


These will often appear a long time after the pipe has started leaking as the ground will soak in the water until it becomes water logged, then it will show and not always directly above the leaking section.


We can carry out any repairs necessary from leaking taps through to showers with no pressure.

When it comes to renovating the best option for you is to sit down with Steve and tell him what it is that you want to do.

Steve can guide you through what will work and what wont. He can also design your new bathroom with you on his computer program so you can see what your finished product will look like BEFORE any work has begun.

One of the biggest problems that we find when it comes to renovating is customers often get the wrong advice from sales persons who sell products but are unable to install them.

There is a large quantity of imported plumbing products that are cheap to purchase but are not made for the New Zealand market.

Getting steves advice from the start can save you time and money and ensure that the finished job is just what you expected.

We are suppliers and installers of all Rinnai Gas Water Heaters, Flame Effect Fires, Rheem Continuous flow water heaters and much more.We are also a Rinnai Certified Service Agent.

Continuous Flow Water Heaters - Turn on your hot tap and the gas unit will fire up to heat the water as you need it. Turn off the tap, and the unit turns off also. No storage cylinder to hold litres of water. Free up your hot water cupboard and have the unit on your outside wall. Dont pay for electricity to constantly keep litres of water hot, pay only for what you use. Available in Natural Gas/LPG.

Flame Effect Fires - Look like a woodfire without the hassle of firewood! Available in Freestanding or Inbuilt, they can take the place of your woodfire and slot in where they were. With the electronic model, you even have the mod con of having a remote. You dont even have to leave your chair to alter the heat. The electronic models are also programmable so they can come on before you get out of bed in the morning or even before you come home from work. Available in LPG or Natural Gas. 
Energysaver Gas Heaters - In a range of sizes to suit different areas of your home, these flued heaters are sleek looking and are great at heating all different areas.

If you have any queries on any gas appliance, please give us a call or email through the contact tab on our website.

Its quite unbelievable how many people dont realise that Plumbers do roofing repairs and lay new roofs. 

We can offer competitive pricing for new homes and existing homes who need new roofing. 
If you prefer to have corrogated iron so you can paint it or be able to choose a colour (coloursteel) put onto your home or commercial building, please let us know.
We have no issues with removing and disposing of the existing materials. 
We screw roofing iron down and we also can give you the option of having matching spouting if you choose to go with coloursteel.
Call us or send an email through the contact tab on our website for more information. We provide free quotes within Tokoroa.
We are happy to quote outside of Tokoroa, however there is a charge. Contact us for details.

Coloursteel to match your roof or Marley Plastic Spouting is available.
We can remove your existing spouting and dispose of it if required.
Call us or contact us through the contact tab on our website for a free quote (within Tokoroa). We do quote outside of Tokoroa for a fee.

Yes Plumbers install Woodfires :)
We have some woodfires in our showroom from our main suppliers Kent & Yunca.
We are hoping to have more on offer to show our customers this year!
We also deal with many other suppliers and can offer sound advice on what would be beneficial in your home depending on the size and location of your home.
Our range available also covers Rural fires and the Clean Air Approved woodfires for residential customers.
We are a Approved Supplier in partnership with the South Waikato District Council for Wood and Gas fires. The council are currently offering all Tokoroa ratepayers (within the air shed) up to $2000 off a new Clean Air approved wood or gas fire.
As long as you have a woodfire or a chippy in your home that is over 10 years old that we can remove, you may very well be able to get $2000 toward this. The balance can be paid on your rates over 9 years.
Call us for more information or email us through the contact tab on our website.

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